Silver Mountain and Area Historical Society
Preserving the history of Silver Mountain and beyond!

About Us


Thank you for visiting our site and let us take a moment to tell you a little about who we are.


The Silver Mountain and Area Historical Society (SMHS) was founded on October 14, 2012. We are a non-profit organization committed to preserving the history of the Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway, the Silver Mountain Station and the surrounding area.


Our mandate includes the promotion of the railway, as well as the preservation of the remaining physical traces of the line and structures. We are also interested in the cultural and economic history of the area, such as settlements, mining and logging. Our geographic coverage stretches from the former railway stop at Sellers (west of Hymers) southwest to Gunflint Lake on the US-Canadian border.


The SMHS is governed by an elected Board of Directors and we are associated with the Ontario Historical Society (OHS). Please contact us for more information or if you would like to join our organization.

For more information, please visit our main site.